Bausch & lomb pharmaceuticals present muro 128 eye drops to relieve eye problems

Published: 09th February 2011
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What with the stress these days, where we expose the most delicate part of our body, our eyes, to dust, harsh lights, a constant glare from the computer screen and other irritants. As more and more people are working longer and longer hours, it is very common to suffer from eye fatigue, strain, swelling in the eyes, dryness, itchiness and discharge among others.

Along with the long term benefits of eye exercises and awareness that can save us from such problems, is dose of Muro 128 eye drops eye drops can relieve you from such irritants.

Sodium chloride hypertonicity ophthalmic solution, the scientific name for Muro 128 eye drops, provides temporary relief from corneal edema. This is a common eye condition caused by excess hydration in the cornea and results in corneal swelling, which in turn can result in poor vision. One may also see halos or rings around light sources.
Muro 128 eye drops help by drawing out the fluid from the swollen cornea and reduces the swelling. Though the solution is available over the counter, it should be used only by recommendation by an optometrist or an ophthalmologist.

There are no mercurial compounds like Thimerosal in Muro 128 eye drops. It has active ingredients like Sodium chloride 5% which is a hypertonicity agent and inactive ingredients like boric acid, hypromellose, methylparaben 0.023%, propylene glycol, propylparaben 0.01%, purified water, sodium borate, sodium hydroxide and may have hydrochloric acid to adjust pH.
Apart from being beyond its expiry date, a bottle of Muro 128 eye drops should be replaced if the solution changes color or becomes cloudy.

Using Muro 128 eye drops may cause temporary burning and irritation which is normal, but if it continues you should consult a doctor. You might also face a mild blurring of vision, which is temporary.
There are some precautions to be taken while using Muro 128 eye drops. You must not touch the tip of the container or dropper to any surface to avoid contamination, not even your eyes and you must remember to replace the cap after use.

If the product does not suit you, do not panic. Just consult a doctor and get advice on what to do going forward.
It is a product for external usage only and must be kept out of the reach of children.

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